The concept behind Talk It Out was conceived in 2011 while Dr. Genie Burnett and a friend were discussing the lack of free, readily available resources, for people struggling with eating disorders (EDs).  Once the idea was conceived, Dr. Burnett and her team went to work creating Talk It OutTM; a website providing information, connection, and practical resources for people (and those who love them) who are struggling with eating disorders.

Dr. Burnett believes that by “talking it out” we can avoid “acting it out”. It is our belief that if you can learn to “talk it out” with other people in your support network by sharing your emotions and thoughts, you won’t need to “act it out” on your own. We believe that when we are overwhelmed with our emotions we can find relief in reaching out to a network of people who can give us the care and understanding that we need so that we don’t isolate and seek emotional relief through our eating disorders.

People struggling with disorders are often afraid that they will be condemned or shamed for having their disorder and they silently suffer from the effects of their disease. Their loved ones often do not know what to do or say to help them and actually may react in potentially harmful ways in their efforts to help. It is our hope that Talk It Out will become a constant source of knowledge, wisdom, understanding and ultimately freedom from this disease.

Content within the website includes:

  • Sections within the site for those who have eating disorders (or those who believe that they may have an eating disorder, but are not sure)
  • Sections for those who are on the ’sidelines” of someone with an eating disorder – mothers, fathers, teachers, friends, siblings, etc.
  • An explanation of the various types of EDs, including a “test” that can help you define which eating disorder you or your loved one may be experiencing
  • Have access to one of the MOST comprehensive list of specifics if you are seeking a treatment professional, including the type of treatment you seek, including demographic variables, insurance plans, etc.
  • A “safe place” as an outlet for emotional expression, as well as a means to find support. Within the Safe Place, you can:
    • Upload your own photo for your backdrop
    • Create online “memes” or “postcards”
    • Journal, and if you so desire, ask to have it on the “Recovery Reel”
    • A Recovery Clock, to document your recovery time
  • A “Recovery Reel” that users can contribute to, as well as active therapists, treatment programs, and others who would like to support others in recovery from their eating disorder
  • A website-wide “recovery clock” that will document all it users’ recovery time (as found in the Safe Space area)

Please enjoy, browse, and tell us what you think about Talk It Out!  We are here to serve you and your recovery needs!

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